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Penjaskesrek Journal (e-ISSN 2502-6879 and p-ISSN 2355-0058) is a periodical scientific publication dedicated to lecturers, students and educational observers to disseminate relevant studies, thinks and research results in sport science. Any visitor to this site can browse abstracts, read journal contents and download PDF files.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

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Halim Akbar Hasibuan, Moch. Asmawi, Wahyuningtyas Puspitorini
Abstract views: 57   PDF views: 27
Endah Sari Damayanti
Abstract views: 21   PDF views: 11
Lolia Manurizal, Made Armade
Abstract views: 36   PDF views: 20
Tenten Nurba As, James Tangkudung, Nofi Marlina Siregar, Widiastuti Widiastuti
Abstract views: 14   PDF views: 7
Haris Suharyan, Widiastuti Widiastuti, Samsudin Samsudin
Abstract views: 14   PDF views: 4
Soni Frenki Tamonob
Abstract views: 11   PDF views: 5
Irfandi Irfandi
Abstract views: 10   PDF views: 5
Yandri Driyana Firmansah, Hernawan Hernawan, Aan Wasan, Widiastuti Widiastuti
Abstract views: 25   PDF views: 8
Yeremias Mamu Sare
Abstract views: 10   PDF views: 2
M. Hariadi Hidayat, Firmansyah Dlis, Iman Sulaiman
Abstract views: 14   PDF views: 2
Prisca Widiawati
Abstract views: 16   PDF views: 9
Zikrur Rahmat
Abstract views: 20   PDF views: 10
Yohanes Daton Saban
Abstract views: 36   PDF views: 16
Made Armade, Manurizal Manurizal
Abstract views: 38   PDF views: 25